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Less can be more

Twickenham: south-east facing, dry and under a large bay tree.

We turned a bald, old lawn into a talking point.

The front garden was used to park bikes. We removed the 'lawn' and laid generous quantities of 20mm shingle. Our client bravely decided to go for this abstract design using box balls and beautiful sandstone spheres. The largest sphere weighs 250kg and at 600mm diameter, it's a real statement.

Two of the best Acers (Bloodgood and Oshimensis) add colour and delicate movement. Several passers-by were moved to stop and chat about what we were building. 

The bikes were moved behind a screen, built to hide the ubiquitous Wheelie bins. Steel bike-racks were installed so the bikes are secure and less visible from the road.

'Deb and her team did an excellent job designing and implementing a new front garden...'

Opposite the Buxus and the sandstone spheres, we made-over the other side of this garden in a more traditional manner.

A new lawn was laid, replacing a bald chunk with a border and suitable planting for the shade behind the hedge. Echoing the huge, Buxus sphere that inspired the other side, we planted some more spheres and a scented rose garden outside a basement bedroom window.


The result looks elegant in front of this imposing building, enhanced by a beautiful new tiled path and stone steps.

DSC_0134 _sm.jpg
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