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Oxshott, large garden

Beautiful curved rendered walls in a large family garden.

Lots of space for all

Corten and oak beds and a lawn, with porcelain patio.

Circular, oak sleeper bench

A gorgeous, bespoke, oak bench that seats at least 8 round the firepit.

White garden

A small space and budget, with a lot to achieve.

Hardwood deck

Large deck area completely changes how the garden works

Elegant curves

Unique hardwood deck, exquisite craftsmanship.

Formally informal

Suburban front garden designed to impress.

Light and dark

Old fence rejuvenated. Simple lighting with dramatic effect.

Inside outside

Angles create the illusion of a wider garden.

City living

A tricky brief that turned out very well indeed.

Solid oak

Solving storage in a small courtyard.

Perfect proportions

A larger patio made the whole garden work.

Green peace

Urban desert to urban oasis.

Family fun

A sunny garden with a bit of everything.

Bright ideas

Low maintenance contemporary garden with pergola.

Less is more

An unusual talking point. Topiary and sandstone spheres.

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