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Formally informal


Teddington: north-east facing, front garden, light shade.

The brief was tongue-in-cheek; 'a little bit Hampton Court', so we created a smart, semi-formal garden with a palette of white and green with a few red Hellebores to warm up the winter. The new black and white tiled path looks fabulous.

Thoughtful planting combines clipped Ligustrum and Buxus balls with the freeform of Hydrangeas. A Tree Fern and a white Cherry tree give structure without looking too stern for a family house. A hand-built, bespoke bin-store has a sedum roof. A new wall with mortar to match the house is finished with a dark-grey gate and railings, a touch of class.


The entire site was cleared. A new tile path laid, repairs made to render, a bullnose, sandstone front step was fitted with a matching path that winds through the plants.


We started with overgrown hedges and no view. The client's Rhododendron had been in the same pot for 17 years, poor thing. The nice slab of Yorkstone was re-cut and replaced at the gate.

DSC_0009 (2).JPG
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