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Elegant curves

Thames Ditton: north-facing, established garden.


After an orangery was constructed behind this sturdy, 1930’s house, we were asked to create a patio and renovate a third of the garden inevitably affected by the building works.

Inspired by the house, a hardwood deck was designed with elegantly curved corners faced with distinctive aluminium edges. The steps effortlessly accommodate the fall in level and a planter was built into the corner of the top deck. The curves are echoed in the shape of the beds and the brick-edged patio.

Already a haven for wildlife, we planted more insect-friendly species, choosing plants to complement the deck as it silvers with age. The long border was planted to look good all year round. New turf blends into the existing, you can hardly see the join. 

The orangery build left a bit of a muddy mess. The hardwood deck was made with great precision and the planks on the steps run at 45° to those on the top.


'A beautiful job executed with flair, enthusiasm and professionalism...'

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