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Perfect proportions


Richmond Hill: south-east facing, 34m long slope.

Our clients invited us back for the third time. This project was to create a new patio area in their large garden, to provide entertaining and play space in the sun. We had previously created a shady woodland playground at the back of the plot and renovated the front garden which now has real kerb appeal.

It’s essential to get the proportions right in any design so we wanted to open up this area, giving up a little lawn and building raised beds near the house. The patio is Indian sandstone and blends beautifully with the brick house.

The original patio was small and cramped compared to the garden. We more than doubled the area and made wider steps with subtle lighting, running under each tread.

We took advantage of the generosity of the neighbours, who were also working on their garden, to gain access via their side of the building rather than moving 12 tonnes of excavated earth through the house. New drainage, sharp corners, great plants.

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