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Bright ideas


Twickenham: north-west facing, sad, unused back garden.

An opportunity to start from scratch, which is always great fun. Working with a bold client made it even better. The carrot-orange used throughout is a strong statement.

Very low maintenance garden design makes an addition to the living space. Composite decking with hidden fixings is a durable solution for a generous dining area.

The bespoke pergola is the main architectural feature. Designed to create a false perspective, it's lower and narrower at the back and the top beams fan out. It offers a snug place to sit and there is a USB socket behind the back support and as a bonus, it also makes lovely shadows.

It's great to have the chance to completely accessorize the garden. We chose portable, rechargeable lights as well as wall lights, strong botanical designs on the cushions (very low maintenance), and furniture was selected to support the striped theme. 

'I am thrilled with my amazing new garden. Prior to its transformation we rarely went outside, but now I get
enjoyment even by just looking at it.


The orange paint is playful and it's a credit to our client that she went for it. Apparently, at night, the orange roof beam seems to float in the dark! 


Wall lights reflect the shape of the pergola, very dramatic on the black fence. A painted feather board fence can be a thing of beauty at night or in the sun. The bespoke, dyed concrete step and path are beautifully made.

We started with an ugly duckling that is now 'a very fine swan indeed!' Binky was a hard taskmaster but I think she's happy.


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