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Enlightened space


Clapham: north-east facing, light shade.

This tiny London courtyard was transformed, initially by our client commissioning a mural of Buddha, unique and an inspiration for the colour scheme.


The diagonal paving design makes the small courtyard garden look bigger and draws the eye to the mural.

A very tatty, old wall was given a new lease of life by painting it a rich dark grey, combined with teal coloured trellis for orange and pink climbing roses and Trachelospermum to ramble over. Lots of scents and bright colours.

The shady side-return now has an Oak raised bed planted with a beautiful Acer 'Shaina', visible from the kitchen and bathroom. It's a lovely focal point.

We installed LED lights under the conservatory step and across to the mural, giving a nice cosy glow.

'I found the process to be of the highest standard and thoroughly enjoyed my experience...My final garden looks impressive and is exactly what I wanted.'

Lots of colourful evergreen planting for year-round interest.

The trellis creates interesting shadows and when the climbers are established will create a sense of depth and texture. Soft, ethnic-style wall lights brighten up the evenings.

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