How does it work?

Well... it works the way you want it to. Some people start with a vision, a Pinterest board and lots of references, some with 'Errr, um... we'd like something that's low maintenance'.

The best results come from listening. We've made gardens from a scribble on one sheet of paper, others have required sketches, mood boards, scale drawings and detailed plant plans. We're always precise about costs and you'll never get an unexpected invoice. The deposit is to cover materials and you pay the rest when you're happy. Any changes of plan along the way are discussed thoroughly.

In general, there's an informal chat to find out how you use your garden, whether you want a space for three kids and a dog, for showing off or relaxing with your friends, each brief is as individual as you are.

It's good to have a budget at the beginning, so we ask that you think about how much you want to invest in your project because our job is to make the most of any sensible figure (if you're not being sensible, we'll let you know).

The full process generally works like this:

  • The brief: a friendly chat, listening to you to find out what you're looking for.
  • Ideas and mood boards: show ideas and discuss possible materials, in response to the brief and budget.
  • Part payment: a deposit to secure the project.
  • Site survey: wandering about for a while, pondering and looking at the garden from every angle, taking measurements and photographs.
  • Design: scale drawing/s to show the layout. This bit's pretty and quite exciting. 
  • Cost estimates: when a design is agreed, all the materials can be sourced and priced up in more detail.
  • Clearing and preparation: getting rid of all the stuff you don't want and preparing the site for the stuff you do.
  • Build: the main structure of the garden is made. Materials are delivered and the place looks much worse than it used to, for a while.
  • Plant plan (if required): detailed lists and positional drawings (lots of bamboozling Latin names), so you can see which plant goes where and how many will be needed.
  • Planting: (the best bit), plants and soil arrive and the garden finally takes shape. It will now look really good.
  • Plant information list: This is what most clients want rather than a detailed planting plan. It's a clear pictorial guide to the plants used, with care information.
  • Billing: at this point, when we know you're happy, we ask you to pay the balance.

So, you can have the full monty, obviously, this costs a bit more than the scribble option, but it's up to you and we guarantee you'll be happy whichever route you choose.

Click to see examples of plans and drawings.