Green Peace

Primrose Hill, NW8: north facing terraces, mostly shady.

Our environmentally aware clients decided they wanted living walls to cover the acres of white render, surrounding the terraces of this modern two-floor apartment. Scotscape installed 100m2 of their Fytotextile system. This is really beneficial to the air quality, creating a peaceful, green oasis in busy central London. Automatically irrigated and planted with a lush mixture of shade-tolerant plants, it looks fabulous.

Bespoke, LED hoop-lights, nestle into the foliage of the walls, giving a magical glow. Nodding, adjustable spotlights, up to 4.4m tall, waft above the containers creating dappled light through the leaves. All the lights are remotely controlled.

The upper terrace has a large container with a rust finish, housing a multi-stemmed birch with lovely white and copper bark. The structure of the tree will stand out against the green background, especially in winter. Slim rust-finish planters run along the divide to obscure a rather utilitarian-looking fence. These plants will grow tall and wispy creating movement in the breeze. 

We installed bespoke furniture to make a multi-functional space and to add more colour. The table and benches continue the orange theme and the airy, ‘leaf’ loungers let light through the skylight to the room below. The sheepskins add texture, are easy to store and make the seats comfy enough to sleep on.

We also added three, easily movable screens to allow the client to work outside with privacy from the windows above.

Two, chunky tree ferns were planted in a huge container on the lower, double-height terrace, outside the bedrooms. It’s a fantastic statement in this green cavern and a gives beautiful, calm view from inside.

The finished terrace is a beautiful, flexible space and very green.

Such a contrast with the original, stark space.