Right plant, right place

Every space has it challenges; that dry shady corner, the damp patch at the back, we see these as opportunities to plant something that's just right. There's always a plant that will love the 'difficult spot', we just have to find it. Plants for drama, style, scent, colour, structure, summer, winter, sun, and shade, every one a winner.

Left to right from top: 

• A slow-growing evergreen with fabulous, sweet scent in January; Sarcococca hookeriana.
• Weird raggedy flowers on bare wood in late winter, lovely fragrance; Hamamelis ‘Diane’.
• Easy to grow, always green; Buxus sempervirens.  
• 10cm high, still flowering in November; Sempervivum arachnoideum.
• Tough and pretty, gives excellent shady groundcover; Viola labradorica. 
• An elegant English rose; Rosa ‘Lark Ascending’.
• Gorgeous, semi-evergreen fern, happy in the shade; Dryopteris wallichiana.
• Sunshine yellow in the late summer; Rudbeckia ‘Little Gold Star’. 
• Bamboo, kept cut back so the stems are visible; Phyllostachys aurea.