Living Wall

Redhill, RH1: south facing, partly shaded courtyard.

After an extensive, extension and rebuild of the house, this courtyard was paved in sandstone, with a small lawn. We were then asked to bring it to life.

We created a custom-made metal frame for a living wall, with a gate through to an area for a shed and bins. The living wall covers the wall and hides the gate. It brings a host of plants into a small space and offers privacy from the houses over the road. It’s fully irrigated on a timer; the pipes have been concealed along the wall under the patio and an ACO drain fitted beneath.

The planting fills the view from the studio and the open side of the extension. We planted a lovely Acer in an even more gorgeous container. This huge 1200mm pot is a real centrepiece in a simple design.

Part of the lawn has been given over to planting. We used several grasses with the intention of allowing the edge of the lawn to blend into the border, softening the effect. The wonderfully stark pots compliment the modern interior of the house facing on to the courtyard and bring light into a shady space. Simple, modern and full of plants.

Pretty shadows and the noise from next door's Trachycarpus create a summery atmosphere. Trachelospermum has been planted at the back of the border, to grow up the new fence and provide lovely scent. 

The gate was hung on really strong farm hinges and the irrigation goes to the far side of the wall, hidden in the ACO drain. The living wall hangs on wooden battens attached to the metal frame.