Flower Power

East Twickenham, TW1: west facing, bare and hot.

A very plain garden at the back of a modernised Victorian house needed to be given some life. This young family with a new baby, who work from home, wanted a contemporary but pretty garden to complement their beautiful house.

We injected style and colour using every available planting area, even under the bench and introduced large planters to compliment the garden furniture. The rendered, raised beds have been painted a shade to blend with colours in the kitchen and planting is soft and floral while being fairly low maintenance. 

A wall in the kitchen has large pink foxgloves on the wallpaper, so we reflected this outside.  A sophisticated palette of wines, pinks and creams bring warmth while roses and Trachelospermum jasminoides introduce scent. The Dutch family heritage will be considered in autumn when we will plant lots of tulips for the spring.

These dramatic containers are actually fairly lightweight because the only access is through the house. The planting requires some deadheading and minimal pruning but we always supply an illustrated plant list and care plan at the end of each project.

‘Glorious!’ was the adjective used to describe the transformation.