Mitcham, CR4: northwest facing, dilapidated

A newly refurbished flat needs a garden to match. This small garden was literally falling apart with a rotten deck and broken fences on all sides. A new start was required so we cleared everything out.

The floor level is 500mm above the garden. The fenced-off deck with rickety steps and a big drop to the garden just chopped the small (8m x 5.5m) area in half. We opened up the space building 3 large fanned out levels to extend the deck and provide a really useable garden, with room for a table and chairs and some containers. The steps are big enough to sit on and follow the sun around. Planting is minimal for a busy couple to manage but still offers interest through the seasons. The garden is now an extension of the open kitchen and very easy to maintain.

The old deck had loads of old rubbish underneath, which has all gone leaving a clean space beneath. All waste and materials were removed carefully through the flat. The fences were replaced and painted. Brick bases were built to raise fences near the house, all very neat next door too.