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  • Small is beautiful

    Small is beautiful

    A tiny courtyard in Hampton, no more than 2.8m wide. We made it look wider by laying two colours of setts in a striped pattern and squeezed in room for lots of plants and a shed.

  • Drives you mad...

    Drives you mad...

    but well worth it.

    It's a laborious job to lay these lovely black limestone setts so precisely, on a driveway in Twickenham, nearly half way there...

  • Beautiful shadows

    Beautiful shadows

    However much you check the orientation of a garden and plan for sun and shade, there are always lovely surprises. A slice of late summer sun creates wonderful shadows through the tree fern onto a newly painted fence.

  • Living wall with a gate

    Newly planted living wall using 1/2L plants for instant impact. The wall hangs on a bespoke metal frame and the left side is a gate through to a storage area. 

  • Rockery refurb

    Rockery refurb

    We selected the best of the stones, cleaned and rearranged them, reflecting their blue/grey colour in the planting: more Stipa, Sempervivum, Saxifrage and lots more that don't begin with 'S'.

  • Tougher than they look...

    I thought these Echeveria would struggle through the winter but they've survived the frost and and are now in bud!

  • Using available light

    Using available light

    Whether a moment of reflected light on a few days in the year, translucent leaves, or shadows cast in bright sunlight. The way the light moves through a garden and interacts with it, is an integral part of achieving a good result.