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  • Good reasons to invest in large planters

    In the same way as you might use ornament inside the house, you can use planters to decorate and bring a sculptural element to your garden. They can create height, fill awkward spaces or allow you to grow plants that may not be suited to your soil.

    Big is best, one large container will always have a greater impact than many small ones. Especially in relatively small spaces, containers can create a focal point or statement, in a place where there isn’t any soil or not enough for a large specimen. Invaluable in town gardens troubled by drain covers in borders or on terraces and decks.

    There are so many finishes and colours to choose from, from old heavy stone and lead to modern concrete and fibreglass materials. They offer flexibility and another way to play with shapes in the garden.

  • The importance of garden lighting

    The importance of garden lighting

    The wonderful abundance of green afforded by a living wall, needs appropriate illumination. I'm really interested in good garden lighting to make the space work all times of day and night and in fact, all year. These innovative hoop lights are easily operated by wi-fi and can be disconnected to allow the wall to be maintained easily. They float amongst the greenery and as the plants grow and move, the effect will change, looking great close up and from a distance. Wall created by Scotscape.

  • Texture


    The top corner of a newly planted living wall. Lovely shapes and textures against a white wall.

  • Small is beautiful

    Small is beautiful

    A tiny courtyard in Hampton, no more than 2.8m wide. We made it look wider by laying two colours of setts in a striped pattern and squeezed in room for lots of plants and a shed.

  • Drives you mad...

    Drives you mad...

    but well worth it.

    It's a laborious job to lay these lovely black limestone setts so precisely, on a driveway in Twickenham, nearly half way there...