Beautiful materials

Whether we buy new or make the most of existing materials, great care is taken with finishing touches and it makes all the difference. We're happy to recycle and design around found items where required, it's often what makes a garden unique.

Working with existing plants or the whims of your pets is all part of the story. 

Left to right from top: 

• Cast iron grate is a lovely finishing touch. Grates and drains are so often in the line of view.
• Neat manhole cover laid with sandstone setts.
• Beautifully finished hardwood deck, perfect curves with an aluminium fascia.
• Geranium 'Brookside' selected for the shadows it makes on the white stone beds.
• Corten steel panels behind a neat raised bed, lovely to watch it change by the day as it rusts.
• Perfect Victorian tiled path.
• Wonderfully glossy planter, made to order, brings light and texture to a small courtyard.
• Carefully mixed plants in a living wall, to create a year-round tapestry of foliage.
• Floating steps, to allow access to a manhole cover and opportunities for napping.