A garden for non-gardeners

Kingston, KT1: north facing and very dry.

Made with a view to retirement and relaxing with a book, this garden was created for avowed non-gardeners, with easy to manage beds, a triangular Lily pond and summer house. 

Originally mobbed by Ground Elder, the space had three redeeming features; a beautiful cherry tree, an apple tree and a long-since lost view of their nearby church. 

Angled shapes reflect the summer house and compliment the solid, square 1930s house. The large lawn and patio, built with reclaimed wire-cut bricks, looks instantly soft and lived-in. A brick path we built beside the house, now links the dining room patio with the garden gate. The existing York Stone patios were remodelled, blending the old stone with the bricks. 

The finished garden looks spacious, inviting and pretty in the evening light. There are views to savour from every angle, and their much-loved church is visible again.

'A strong sense of colour and style, underpinned by technical “know-how”, enabled elegant solutions to several structural problems. A relaxed approach, listening and responding to our views as the customer, both at the initial design stage and as the work progressed resulted in a complete transformation; friends and family have remarked on how the garden is now light and airy and seems much bigger.' Michelle

The entire space was cleared, leaving the trees and a few worthy plants to be saved. At the back of the garden, a concrete platform, part of an old air raid shelter, became the base for the summer house. Tree surgeons were commissioned to cut back overhanging Leylandii, along with the cherry and apple trees, allowing in much-needed light and air. Old, Ivy-covered fences were replaced with smart new ones and the beds carefully planted with something for every season.